Sponsorship Flyer | Alex’s Great State Race

Alex’s Great State Race is a vital fundraising event between MSU’s Resource Center for Persons with Disabilities (RCPD) and U-M’s Services for Students with Disabilities (SSD). Sponsors are a key element in making sure this unique race is publicized and paid for, so an effective flyer/sponsorship agreement is important.

I re-designed AGSR’s original sponsorship flier because the original document was aesthetically outdated. Also, the MS Word document itself was broken because of how old it was. I used Canva.com to quickly re-design the document. Because AGSR is an annual event, I decided to create a template that each PR Coordinator after me can edit from year to year. AGSR’s event is dependent on the MSU vs U-M football game. Since we didn’t know the 2018 schedule yet, I left those areas in red to fill in when we learned that information.

One challenge I was faced with was figuring out where to place all of the information, considering how text-heavy this document is. Overall, my favorite part of this re-design was creating an aesthetically pleasing, clean design to compliment AGSR’s logo that I also re-designed.

Original, designed in 2014.


New, designed in 2017.