Logo | Alex’s Great State Race

Original, created in 2014.


New, created in 2017.

Alex’s Great State Race is a vital fundraising event between MSU’s Resource Center for Persons with Disabilities (RCPD) and U-M’s Services for Students with Disabilities (SSD). It has been a yearly event since 2014, which was when the original logo was created by a graphic designer hired by the RCPD office.

When examining the original design, I saw some great details that show what AGSR is all about. The Michigan mitten graphic’s colors showing MSU and U-M’s school spirit while showing the race route is an effective tool to communicate what the event is without using any words. But, I noticed that the text around the Michigan mitten graphic made the logo a lot bigger than necessary. The typography itself was outdated and looked like MS Word “word art”.

AGSR has a lot of different aspects surrounding the event: it benefits students with disabilities, it brings together rival schools, and their ROTC cadets partner up to run the official game football from one school to another. To honor at least two of those three aspects, I changed the typography to a more military look. I decided to keep the original Michigan mitten graphic while changing the typography and its location.

I created two different versions of the logo: one with the graphic and the AGSR text, and one with the graphic, AGSR text, and title sponsor name.