Book Cover Re-design

Book Cover

Moonrise Kingdom (directed by Wes Anderson, the king himself) depicts two quirky twelve-year-olds who fall in love and run away together one summer in Rhode Island. Suzy finds herself constantly getting into trouble with her family while Sam, an orphan, can’t seem to fit in anywhere. When they met, sparks flew, and through numerous letters back and forth they devised a plan to create their own adventure.

Shortly after Suzy and Sam retreated to the woods together, Suzy pulled out a book she found at her house, titled Coping with the Very Troubled Child. It was that book that made her realize the type of environment her behavior was causing in her family.

Because this book caused a profound reaction for Suzy, I wanted to re-design the cover with elements of her personality in it. I traced a screenshot of her in a raven costume from the beginning of the movie as well as her yellow suitcase she brought on her trip with Sam. These both symbolize her rebellion and desire to “not be stuck in one place.” She also was guilty of all the examples featured on the back of the book (the bandage on her hand is courtesy of the rock incident), and her parents utilized a megaphone in their large home to call the children down for meals, etc. (This was in the ‘60s, before we could simply text one another in the same room.)

I knew the serious nature of the book would call for having a serious aesthetic. I used the timeless black/white color combination with simple sans-serif fonts, as well as a typewriter font to fit with the times. Suzie’s yellow suitcase provided excellent contrast from the simple, boring colors.

Although I could’ve created this piece in Word or PowerPoint, I decided to use Adobe Illustrator to force myself out of my comfort zone (and slightly out of my sleep schedule). I don’t plan on being a book cover designer, but I knew it wouldn’t hurt to familiarize myself with a wider range of platforms.

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