As I learned the rhymes and reasons of English grammar, I decided to make sure everyone else knew as well. I’ve pointed out—and fixed—misspellings in everything from novellas to billboards on the side of the highway since I was eight years old. Being an avid reader and creative perfectionist hasn’t hurt, either.

After spending my college years in Michigan State University’s Professional Writing program, I’m now a “jack of all trades” in content production. I write, edit, manage, analyze, research, and even dabble in design. I’m passionate about telling stories in the way they are meant to be told. I’ve built valuable relationships by working in team environments. Most importantly, I’m always up for a challenge.

When I’m not writing or editing, you’ll find me geeking out over Jeopardy, listening to Morning Joe on my commute, and keeping up with the never-ending Oxford Comma debate.