Nature and Environmental Writing book cover

Book Design and Editing

This has been one of my favorite projects to date… and not just because it worked out so smoothly.

When I started college in Michigan State’s Professional Writing program, I wanted to capitalize on my dream of being a book editor. But I quickly realized just how much the publishing industry had changed in the last decade–it becomes more digital by the minute. That notion (and the fact that I never saw myself living in NYC) encouraged me to slightly shift my career path toward a more digital and magazine-focused area.

Still, the aspiration to help publish a book stayed with me. The opportunity to make it a reality basically landed in my lap when I took Professor Nancy DeJoy’s nature and environmental writing class during my last semester of undergrad.

Nancy helps her students publish an anthology of their creative writing every semester, allowing them to take control of cover design, thematic order, editing, and everything in-between. I, along with three other students, took on this opportunity to get into the nitty-gritty of this project. Being the sole Professional Writing major among students from the Fisheries and Wildlife program, I brought a more editorial focus to the group as we carefully considered every detail of this book.

Although editing and thematic order were tedious efforts by our group, I confidently designed the book cover and interior as a solo part of this project.

Book Cover

After months of hard work, long (albeit fun) meetings, and a print meeting with Julie Taylor from MSU Libraries that couldn’t have gone better, the final product is finally here!

It’s amazing to be able to hold something that tangibly represents creativity, hard work, and the representation of young and thoughtful minds.

The book cover photo was taken by Julian Fedorchuck.

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