As a click-bait hater, I know that writing has an innate value to connect people in an honest, engaging way. Writing magazine and blog content gives me the confidence to share my ideas and help others’ stories be told in the way they were meant to. I’ve covered a variety of topics ranging from an American Girl Doll designer to how a Fulbright scholar from Poland landed in Michigan.

Metro Parent Magazine

Livonia Mom Blogger Turns ‘Up’ Movie House Into a Treehouse May 28, 2019

Weighted Blanket Benefits for Kids With Special Sleep Needs March 14, 2019

Personal Essays, Stories, and Articles

Are Social Media Minimalists Missing Out? A closer look at Trader Joe’s Medium, November 24, 2018

Spartan Magazine

Spring 2018 Special Issue, Print & Digital
Articles/sections written by me:
The Danger of Unquestioned Authority, p. 17
The Making of ‘Go Teal’, pp. 22-23

The Spartan ‘Salsa King’ @MSU Newsletter, February 2019
A screenshot of "The Spartan 'Salsa King'" February MSU Newsletter story.

Gentlemen of State @MSU Newsletter, February 2019
A screenshot of "Gentlemen of State" MSU February Newsletter story.

Fall 2018 Print & Digital Issue
Articles/sections written by me:
Bound by Love, p. 14
Real Estate Magnate Means Business, p. 15
Library Makes Finals Week a Little Sweeter with Dogs, Doughnuts, p. 34
Library History Timeline, pp. 40-41
Stepping Up for Students, p. 55
Trips for Young Alums, p. 56
Class Notes, pp. 59-61

What’s Your Origin Story? @MSU Newsletter, November 2018

Screenshot of "What's your origin story?" from the @MSU Newsletter, December 2018. Written by Allison Bertram.

A WWII Spartan Aviator Finally Makes it Home @MSU Newsletter, November 2018A screenshot of the November newsletter for the MSU Alumni Association.

The Future is Female and a Spartan Alumna is Helping Design it @MSU Newsletter, November 2018

A screenshot of the November MSU Alumni Association newsletter.

Finding Inspiration Through Pain @MSU Newsletter, November 2018

A screenshot of the MSU Alumni Association newsletter.


Spartans Making a Difference Across the Globe: Peace Corps volunteer develops library for students in Sierra Leone Ing Magazine, August/September 2018

QUIZZing: Which Bizarre Class Should You Take at MSU? Ing Magazine, August/September 2018

Go Green, Go White, Go Teal: Students create initiative of awareness, prevention and response Ing Magazine, April/May 2018

Letter from the Editor Ing Magazine, March 2018

Sensory-Friendly Shows at Abrams Planetarium: Making space inclusive for all Ing Magazine, March 2018

Organic Food: Is it worth the fuss? Ing Magazine, November 2017

Alex’s Great State Race: Turning rivals into allies Ing Magazine, October 2017

Pumpkin Cookies: An alternative to the pumpkin spice latte craze Ing Magazine, October 2017


Best YouTube Channels to Help You Adult Lifestyle Blog, October 29, 2018


Freshman Girl’s Guide to Tailgate Outfits August 9, 2018

How to Find Housing in East Lansing August 3, 2018

10 Reactions Everyone Has When They Watch Black Mirror February 6, 2018

A Timeline of Reports Against Larry Nassar February 22, 2018

Restaurant Highlight: Green Dot Stables April 12, 2018


More than a Game: Student Participates in National Tournament June 14, 2017

Gilbert Gift Empowers RCPD April 25, 2017

Former Tower Guard President Reflects on Endowment Success November 7, 2016

Internships Open Doors for Career Opportunities October 3, 2016

Scholarship Recipients Transformed During their Study Abroad Experiences September 14, 2016

Aaron Scheidies Reaches His Road to Rio September 12, 2016

Tower Guard Family Legacy Celebrated at May Morning Sing May 16, 2016

Shawn Koch Family and Friends Reach Endowment Milestone April 1, 2016

2nd Annual Adaptive Sports Day Empowers All Athletic Abilities March 29, 2016

Former Fulbright Scholar Remembers RCPD through Success March 18, 2016

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