My goal as an editor is to provide an analytical, concise, and eloquent lens that stabilizes the bridge between writers and their audience. While assisting with a writer’s process, I’m here to provide a clearer path, a voice of reason, and important insight into their intended audience.

Grammar is not as black and white as many people assume. With all the rules and style preferences that come with the English language, I’m never too far away from my dictionary, style guide, and other resources throughout the editing process.

*In addition to these examples, I have extensive editing experience that includes dissertations, manuals, articles, blogs, and more.


Letter from the Director Spartan Magazine Fall 2018


Career Consultant Q&A and STI/STD Awareness VIM Magazine Fall 2018 print issue

Fashion Sustainability VIM Magazine Fall 2017 print issue

Ditch the Denim VIM Magazine Fall 2017 print issue


Animal Print VIM Magazine Fall 2018 Print Issue

Food Labels VIM Magazine Fall 2018 Print Issue

Next Level Plaid VIM Magazine October 2018 Digital Issue

Seeking Inspiration: The Best Sources to Find It ING Magazine July 2018

Resource Review: Grammar Girl’s Quick and Dirty Tips for Better Writing February 2017


Lady Susan by Jane Austen February 2017

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